‘Take a Break’ feature to encourage breaks from social media

Have you imagined yourself on a break from Social media? Can you manage it even? Well, it is possible with the new feature.

In India, Instagram has collaborated with ‘We The Young’ to bring the feature to India via a campaign called ‘Break Zaroori hai’. The campaign will last for a month and will highlight situations where young people could use this feature.

Take a Break campaign which has been announced in different Countries will alert users scrolling on Instagram to periodically take breaks from the platform and focus on other things. The platform will also alert users of the new inclusion with a notification.

The platform also added that users “will also be shown expert-backed tips to help them reflect and reset.” Users, will however, have control on whether they want to keep these timely notifications on.

“The wellbeing of young people is important to us, and we’re focused on ensuring that the time spent on Instagram is intentional and people feel good about it, Natasha Jog, Public Policy manager, Instagram, Facebook India said.

How to set up Instagram’s Take a Break feature

Take a Break will remind you to stop using the app once you’ve used it for a long time without closing it.

Again, you can only set this up in the iPhone app.

1. Open Instagram and tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner.

2. Tap the three stacked lines at the top-right corner of the page, then tap Your Activity.

3. In the Time tab, under Manage Your Time, tap Set reminder to take breaks.

The "Your Activity" menu in the Instagram app, with the "Set reminder to take breaks" option highlighted.
Tap the “take breaks” option. 

4. Choose how quickly you want the reminders to come up — after 10 minutes, after 20 minutes, or after 30 minutes — and then tap Done.

If you keep the app open for that long without any breaks, your reminder will pop up.

The screen that appears when you hit your "Take a Break" limit on Instagram.
The screen that appears when you hit your “Take a Break” limit on Instagram. 

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