How to add a password to my Computer on windows 10

Does Windows ask you for a password when your computer starts? It should. If not, you’re leaving it wide open to anyone at your home or workplace to access your email account, saved files, and other data.

Step 1.

For adding the password on the computer first you need to go on the “Account Settings” section on windows. There are two ways to enter here.

  1. Click on the windows start icon > then click on the “setting icon” > “Accounts section”.
  2. Or directly search for “Manage Your Account” on the search bar to reach the account setting.
Account Settings section on windows

Step 2.

After opening the user account setting click on the “sign-in options” section. (If it is not opening then connect with your email account (Gmail, Microsoft, or any account).

Step 3.

After clicking on “sign-in options” you will be able to get many to secure your desktop or laptop. Like Pin, gesture, fingerprint, password. However, these options can only be used if your computer has these tools, otherwise, the system does not allow you to assign them to protect your account.

options section

Since setting a password is the best way and available on almost all computers. So click the “Password” (Key Icon) section and then the “Add” button.

Step 4.

The next window will appear with three fields: enter the new password twice, in the first two, (in the same way, for verification). And in the third field, write down a hint for this password, make sure to place a hint that only you know and that is not directly your password, and as per your convenience so that others cannot define the password.

Password (Key Icon) section and then the Add button

Now you are able to set up a strong password to protect the computer, which restricts anyone from accessing it without a permit.

After clicking the “Next” button and select the account ( Admin or your associated account) it remains only to click on the “Finish” button. Now you have successfully added a password to your computer.

How to Put Password on computer windows 10

Step 5.

Step 5 is about the change or remove the password of your computer. Follow the same 4 above steps for changing the password but in order to remove the password, you need to remain the password space blank itself while following the above steps.

Pro Tip: Avoid terms like, “QWERTY” or “ASDFG”,“0000”, “1234”, “ABCD” or “abcd” while setting a password.

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