Google maps improving your navigation with new features

Google Maps, a web mapping platform that was bought by Google in 2004 has launched new tools to keep the coming weeks stress-free and to help you stay safe, maximize your time with loved ones and find that perfect holiday outing spot. This comes after an announcement that was made towards the end of November by Amanda Leicht Moore, the Director of Product at Google Maps.

1. Avoiding crowds

With the CoVID-19 turning the world crazy, avoiding crowds has become a normal in order to avoid the spread of the disease. Google maps has added a new feature, Busyness tool that helps you know if a place is crowded with people.

2. Easy navigation across malls, airports and transit stations

To help you find your way around large buildings fast, Google maps has expanded the Directory tab globally on Android and iOS for all airports, malls and transit stations around the world. You can quickly see what types of stores are in a building, airport lounges, car rentals, parking lots and more. And within each category, you can see a list of the relevant businesses, in addition to helpful information about whether it’s open, its rating and what floor it’s on.

The other features that are now operational only in the United States include;

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  1. Being able to see price ranges for dining spots based on contributions from other Google Maps users
  2. Pickup with Google Maps that makes it possible to place an order from the retailer, track your order status, share your ETA and let the store know you’ve arrived, all from the app.

Previous feature that you may not have exploited before;

Using Google Maps offline

In Uganda, our mobile network connection cannot be trusted at any time and place. Google Maps gives you directions when you’re offline.

  1. Before you head out, in Maps search for the location where you will want directions.
  2. In the location’s window, pull up the menu at the bottom.
  3. Scroll right through the tabs and tap Download and then, in the next window, tap Download again.
  4. Maps will download a map to your phone for the area you selected.

Now, as you use Google Maps for directions in the area you downloaded a map for, when you lose your cellular connection, Maps will switch to the offline map to guide you. Because you’re offline, Maps won’t be able to offer real-time traffic info, of course.

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